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JANUARY 29, 2001, Dedham, MA -- NetPlane™ Systems, a leading global supplier of portable networking protocol software and systems and a subsidiary of Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNXT), announced today that it has begun shipping the first release of OPTIRoute™, the industry's first IP routing software suite designed specifically for carrier-class networking equipment. NetPlane will feature OPTIRoute at COMNET 2001 (booth #1165) in Washington, D.C. January 29-February 1.

"There is burgeoning demand for IP routing software, especially to support next generation IP service platforms and intelligent optical equipment. However, there are very few commercial IP routing solutions available and none are carrier-class and MPLS-enabled. Given this, we've had very strong early interest in OPTIRoute," said Deepak Shahane, Vice-President and General Manager of NetPlane Systems. "The feedback we are getting from several early customers is that they are excited about the overall product architecture and flexibility, especially the innovative implementation of a next generation Forwarding Information Base (FIB)."

The main breakthrough feature of OPTIRoute is its carrier-class FIB architecture that supplants the traditional monolithic FIB implementations. This allows developers to effortlessly distribute IP routing functionality to achieve scalability. Additionally, OPTIRoute supports MPLS traffic engineering through the ability to provide constrained route lookups for MPLS signaling protocols during LSP establishment.

Based on applicable Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards, the first release of OPTIRoute provides Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and will be followed by release of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4), Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) protocol and RIPv2 later in 2001. "We chose OSPF for the first release," Shahane said, "as it is the most widely deployed network protocol and the protocol most Label Edge Routers (LERs) and Label Switch Routers (LSRs) use for MPLS."

Shahane added that OPTIRoute addresses the critical carrier-class needs of redundancy, resiliency and scalability. "People expect the core of the Internet to reach up to one million routes so we've specifically designed OPTIRoute to easily scale up to this range."

OPTIRoute, which is the first result of NetPlane's investment in a subsidiary in Hyderabad, India, can be designed easily into centralized or distributed architectures. Based around an extensible, modular framework, it contains a suite of routing protocols which can be compiled, enabled and configured as separate components. This modular nature enables future enhancements, emerging standards, and new protocols to be included without compromising the integrity of an existing OPTIRoute implementation.

NetPlane offers a number of high performance source code packages that can be easily integrated into virtually any new or existing system, encompassing MPLS, IP Routing, ATM and Frame Relay. The company's Label Traffic Control System (LTCS) was the industry's first available MPLS software solution and continues to be the industry's most widely deployed MPLS software. NetPlane also provides high value system level software that performs non-standards based functions, such as managing redundant components and managing the communication between cards, as well as managing the process of accepting and placing calls in switches.

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