Netplane Introduces LTCS 4.0 Industry's First Integrated IP And Optical MPLS Software Solution

WESTWOOD, Mass., November 5, 2001 - NetPlane™ Systems, the protocol software business of Mindspeed Technologies™, today introduced the latest release of its industry leading MPLS software, LTCS™ 4.0 which offers the first comprehensive MPLS classical IP and optical solutions on a common code base. Delivered to seven early customers, LTCS 4.0 also features full integration with OPTIRoute™, NetPlane's carrier class implementation for IP and optical routing.

"This latest version of LTCS is packed with an extremely rich feature set that focuses on supporting the current, key application needs of traditional IP and emerging photonic transport equipment," said NetPlane's Vice President and General Manager Deepak Shahane. "It addresses what is most important to our customers - having a stable code base and a feature set they can use in a number of very strategic applications." 

The key industry applications LTCS 4.0 focuses on include capabilities for classical IP applications, such as Traffic Engineering and Provider-Provisioned VPNs (PP-VPNs), Layer 2 tunneling mechanisms for metro optical networks, Generalized MPLS functionality for core optical network transport and Optical User Network Interface (O-UNI) for optical network access. 

NetTest, an industry leader in the test and measurement of next generation optical networks, recently selected NetPlane's classical MPLS and GMPLS solution for its network emulation products. 

"We've built our reputation on providing superior network performance testing for high-speed networks," said Ron Aharoni, Director of Marketing, Advanced Testing Solutions, NetTest. "When it came to choosing MPLS and GMPLS solutions that allowed us to develop our powerful interEMULATOR for vendors to test the scalability of their devices and help carriers during their network planning, we selected an industry leader in NetPlane." 

"While the long-term outlook is very promising for metro core optical transport equipment, equipment vendors face increasing pressure to provide products that satisfy a compelling ROI value proposition and offer incremental revenue streams. That goal is greatly aided by NetPlane's latest classical and optical MPLS solution that should enhance their leadership in this area," said Frank Bernhard, Ph.D., Managing Principal, OMNI Consulting Group. "NetPlane's solution also enables next generation equipment vendors to address the hurdle of designing technology that facilitates evolutionary integration and migration from currently deployed networks." 

NetPlane is also working with leading vendors who represent 90 percent of the SONET/SDH market. These OEMs, some of which are included in the seven early LTCS 4.0 shipments, have provided valuable feedback on key product requirements and continued feature evolution as optical control plane standards mature. 

NetPlane's LTCS (Label Traffic Control System™) software is the industry's most widely deployed MPLS software and has been adopted by over 65 network manufacturers. Its LTCS-Optical supports the signaling requirements of photonic networks including access to those networks by traditional IP equipment using LTCS-Classical. Its LTCS-Optical software is designed for carrier-class optical core devices and applications where packetized MPLS and optical MPLS signaling converge. 

The portable NetPlane software is highly scalable, designed for centralized and distributed environments and is processor independent. Like all NetPlane carrier-class products, LTCS 4.0 has a high availability architecture.

last update: 15.08.2008

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