Aztek’s VoDSL Protocol Stack Enables KEYMILE’s Enhanced UMUX Platform

BOULDER, CO – April 7, 2004

Aztek’s protocol stack provides the VoATM signaling interface (for VoDSL service) for KEYMILE’s UMUX multi-service access platform.

KEYMILE adopted Aztek’s A-BLES CO/CP stacks to extend the established UMUX product to support voice services over ATM, based on the ATM Forum BLES standard including the ELCP and PSTN protocols.

Scott Cartwright, VP of Global Sales and Marketing with Aztek, said "KEYMILE’s extension of their UMUX multi-service access platform demonstrates their commitment to the evolution of their products toward fully packetized voice with industry-standard protocols, which are Aztek's area of expertise. They approached us to extend our protocol stack suite to include VoATM BLES, while the standard was being introduced. As with our V5 product, AV5, we were happy to get involved early in the industry standard. We worked closely with them to meet their specific requirements beyond the standard protocol."

Sameer Sant, Director of Corporate Strategy at KEYMILE noted, "It was important to us to obtain the standard protocol from an expert, independent vendor. It is much more cost-effective to acquire standardized protocols that have already been proven. Aztek’s AV5 product and work with ETSI on the V5 standard, on which BLES is based, was a key factor in our decision to acquire the protocol stack from them. We knew we could be confident of BLES interoperability, which has been proven in our field trials."

Aztek’s A-BLES CO and CP products have now been licensed for several Voice Gateway and IAD products. This product line extends our coverage of voice signaling protocols used in the evolving network of voice/data convergence systems.

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KEYMILE is a specialist in access solutions. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, KEYMILE AG was launched in 2002, following the combining of Ascom Transmission AG and Datentechnik AG. In July 2003, KEYMILE also acquired Hanover-based ke Kommunikations-Elektronik GmbH. KEYMILE has 12 subsidiaries worldwide and a customer base in over 100 countries. More information about KEYMILE can be found on the Internet at

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