IntervalZero Acquires Ardence Embedded Software Business From Citrix;
Senior Ardence Executives Will Lead New Embedded Technology Company

WALTHAM, MA (July 28, 2008) – IntervalZero Inc., a new Embedded software company led by a group of senior Ardence executives, today announced that it has acquired Ardence’s Embedded software business from Citrix Systems, Inc.
IntervalZero’s experienced team comprises the core of the Ardence Embedded software group, and includes management, engineering, development, sales, marketing, finance and support professionals with deep knowledge of Ardence’s Embedded customer base, Ardence’s market-leading Embedded products, and the Embedded technology marketplace.
The company, which is based in Waltham, MA, is headed by CEO Jeffrey D. Hibbard, an Ardence/Citrix executive with more than 20 years of software engineering, sales, marketing and management experience. IntervalZero launched its Web site today at
“The IntervalZero team proudly continues a 28-year tradition of developing and delivering innovative software solutions for our customers and for the Embedded computing markets. Selecting the name IntervalZero highlights our intense focus on continuing to develop innovative Embedded products that deliver the real-time, instant-on functionality that has been embraced by thousands of customers worldwide, including Boeing, Siemens, Honda and Raytheon,” said Hibbard.
IntervalZero officially completed the acquisition on July 15 and will continue to market and sell the Embedded products under their existing names – RTX, ETS and Select.
IntervalZero said worldwide Embedded Distribution/Reseller channels and Embedded Partner affiliations – notably the strong Partner relationships with Microsoft and Intel – remain in place.
Citrix, the global leader in application delivery infrastructure, acquired Ardence’s Enterprise and Embedded software businesses in January 2007. Although Citrix determined that the Ardence Embedded products were not a good fit for its Enterprise product portfolio, Citrix has signaled confidence in the IntervalZero’s management and in the future of Embedded technology by making an equity investment in IntervalZero.
“We believe there are significant opportunities in Embedded technology, but it is not a core business for Citrix. To continue to grow and succeed, the Embedded business needed both the focus and the investment that Jeff and the IntervalZero team are fully committed to delivering. Their approach to the market and their business model are sound, which is why we have maintained a stake in the IntervalZero,” said Lou Shipley, VP and General Manager of Citrix’s Xen Products Group, which is based in Bedford, MA. The Embedded business was part of that group.

IntervalZero’s roots – first as VenturCom Inc., later as Ardence Inc., and most recently as part of Citrix – go back nearly three decades to the earliest days of Embedded computing when VenturCom engineers developed the Embedded expertise that helped pave the way for Microsoft’s first Embedded operating system.
Over the years there have been many Embedded development ‘firsts’ that include RTX, the first Real-Time Windows offering; and ReadyOn, the first Instant-On for Windows.
Hibbard said, “we look forward to delivering additional firsts that will help our partners and our customers grow their businesses and accelerate their success.”

About IntervalZero

IntervalZero Inc. – formerly Ardence, a Citrix Company – develops Embedded software products that deliver real-time capability and that meet the needs of the Embedded technology market.

IntervalZero simplifies the creation of Embedded systems by taking advantage of the Windows Win32 API development environment to deliver both real-time, deterministic hardware control and an excellent end-user experience.

Solutions that rely on IntervalZero’s Embedded software are deployed world-wide – primarily in Industrial Automation, Military/Aerospace, Medical Device, and Test & Measurement.

IntervalZero’s Embedded software products include RTX, ETS and Select. RTX delivers real-time capability for direct control of embedded hardware and relies on Microsoft Windows to deliver the world-class Windows user experience. ETS is the smallest-footprint, stand alone, real-time operating system (RTOS) that supports the Win32 API. Select enables multi-purpose device functionality on a single operating system as well as instant on/off capability that minimizes boot time and ends long shutdowns Founded in 1980 as VenturCom, IntervalZero is headquartered in Waltham, MA, and operates across North America, Europe and Asia. More information can be found at

last update: 15.08.2008

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