Instant On for Windows Devices

Consumers have grown averse to slow boot times, and unreliable, unsecured devices. They want feature-rich devices with streamlined user experiences, such as instant availability. Yet OEMs are challenged by the task of integrating additional functionality into smaller packages with higher performance. Ardence’s ReadyOn, provides that instant availability today, along with other desirable features, and Ardence is the market leader with more than one million deployments as of 2005.


OEMs are producing smaller, faster, devices using the Windows platform. Ardence ReadyOn enables OEMs to integrate instant availability with enhanced reliability and corruption protection into their designs. Additional benefits include reducing manufacturing costs and speeding time to market. The enhanced end-user experience of instant-on/off functionality and secure, corruption proof reliability in devices using the Windows operating system provides OEMs with clear competitive advantages and the required functionality to compete in tomorrow’s markets.

Instant On/Off: ReadyOn ensures instantaneous device operability. ReadyOn-enabled devices bypass the driver loads, OS boot, network configuration, and application loading by accessing a pre-configured environment - bringing a device to full operability in seconds. ReadyOn enables instant power off as well.

Corruption and Virus Protection: Because the pre-configured environment is hardened, viruses cannot permanently install into a ReadyOn-enabled system. Malware is instantly purged by turning a device off and back on. ReadyOn protects key partitions while leaving writeable partitions for saving data, including use with removable storage.

Enhanced Reliability: Ground-breaking reliability is another benefit of ReadyOn’s utilization of a pre-configured, hardened environment. Any problems the device encounters are fixed by simply powering off the device and turning it back on. Even after a power interruption, the device returns to the desired configuration.

Streamlined Manufacturing: Importantly, ReadyOn’s support of "ghosting" simplifies the manufacturing process. Once configured, a ReadyOn environment can be rapidly copied to target systems. ReadyOn also provides a customizable splash screen for OEM branding and further enhancement of the user experience.

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements


last update: 30.07.2007

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