ikon ISDN and Communication Device Drivers



The ikon ISDN and Communication Device Drivers may be used together with the ikon ISDN & Protocol Software. They are available in “C” Source Code or in Binary format for various Operating Systems for the integration in Customer specific Products.

Device Drivers

The available Drivers support ATM, ISDN PRI, BRI, channelized E1 and T1, Ethernet and standard serial Links as described in the following Sections.

Besides supporting Hardware Devices, Drivers for Data Transport over TCP/IP or Tone Generation and Announcement are also available.


Driver for Communication via Dual ported RAM.

PCI incl. DMA

Support of various PCI Chipsets.

Tone Generation / Announcement

Generation of Tones and Announcements for Voice Calls.


Drivers for Communication Chips of various Manufacturers:

Freescale (formerly Motorola) Network Pro-cessors 68302, 68360, MPC 8xx, MPC 82xx

Cologne Chipdesign



intel Network Processor IXP 4xx

Maxim (Dallas) and PMC Sierra




Drivers for Boards of various Manufacturers:

ikon Portfolio (Excerpt)

IP-DECT System
Professional Services

Brief Description of ikon GmbH

ikon GmbH delivers Products and Develop-ment Services with main Focus on Tele-communications. Since its Foundation in 1988 ikon GmbH is a reliable Partner for customer specific Development in the Telecommuni-cation Sector.

Parts of our Product Portfolio are several Protocol Stacks and Software Modules for Technologies like ATM, DECT, ISDN, VoIP, Frame Relay, MPLS, IP-Routing and V5.x.


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