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The ikon RTP/RTCP Software provides RTP/RTCP capabilities as defined by IETF's RFC 1889. It supports end-to-end transport for real-time data over IP-based networks. The software is extremly compact and highly portable. This improves time-to-market dramatically and makes the Software an ideal Solution even in the embedded Environment. The software is available as source code or binary Solution.

Key Features:


The Stack has been implemented to fit ideally to the Constraints of Signalling Protocols like H.323 and SIP. Thus ikon RTP/RTCP does not provide an enormous number of API functions but a small set of functions easy to use by Applications based on these Signalling Protocols.

Most of the RTCP features are hidden from the Application and handled by the Software itself. However, API Functions are available for RTCP Source Description Items and local/remote RTCP Statistics.

Target System Requirements

ikon RTP/RTCP Software is Processor and Operating System independent. A 32-bit CPU is required and the Operating System must provide Process Management, Memory Management and Timer Services of at least 20 ms. The ikon RTP/RTCP Software requires access to a standard TCP/IP stack.

Ikon VoIP Portfolio (Excerpt)

T30/T.38 Software
Professional Services

Professional Services

ikon offers Engineering Services to adapt the Protocol Software to customer specific Hardware or Operating Systems, including the development of the necessary Device Drivers, as well as Turnkey Solutions.

About ikon

ikon GmbH delivers Products and Development Services with main Focus on Telecommunications. Since its Foundation in 1988 ikon GmbH is a reliable Partner for customer specific Development in the Telecommunication Sector.
Parts of our Product Portfolio are several Protocol Stacks and Software Modules for Technologies like ATM, DECT, ISDN, VoIP, Frame Relay, MPLS, IP-Routing and V5.x.


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