Communication Tester for UMTS Node B Transport Layer


The Communication Tester was developed by ikon as a flexible tool to assist in specialized test purposes during the Development and the Production of Telecommunication equipment. It is intended to supplement traditional Protocol Testers and Measurement tools.

Therefore the Communication Tester is built on a powerful but cost-saving standard PC Workstation or Compact PCI System and standard Communication boards in PCI or PMC format. These communication boards support a broad variety of interfaces like ATM over E1 or STM-1, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet, TDM over E1 or E3 etc.

The Communication Tester Software is built of two Parts: a Test Kernel and a Graphical User Interface. The Test Kernel can run standalone and is controlled via a Command Line Interface. Based on this an external Test Robot can be used for fully automated Tests. The GUI allows easy Configuration and Control of the Tests by a human Operator. It uses the Test Kernel to perform the selected Tests. The Communication Tester Software is based on a Linux Operating System. All Software Modules or Protocol Stacks are either built by ikon or obtained from leading vendors. Therefore the Communication Tester Software can easily be modified according to the needs of the Customer.

The Communication Tester may be used for testing telecommunication equipment for UMTS, ATM, VoIP or ISDN. Examples of test candidates are Node Bs, RNCs, DSLAMs, IP-PBXs or other Gateways.

Special functions of Node B Tester

The Tester for UMTS Node B is built for testing the Transport Layer of the Node B Interworking Unit according to the specifications of the Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI).

In the standard configuration it supports 4 E1-Interfaces for ATM AAL-2/5 traffic and 4 Fast Ethernet Interfaces for IP traffic.

The main functions of the Tester are:

All test functions can run simultaneously.

Operational Concept

The operational concept is split up in four main steps:

Therefore the GUI allows easy access to the vast variety of Configuration Parameters:

The Action and Monitoring Windows of the GUI are used to control the Tester application and display relevant information:

The GUI supports up to 3 virtual workspaces to arrange the Windows based on the customer needs. The Windows may be opened, closed, arranged and moved on these workspaces.

All user input and application output is stored in Trace files in Text Tormat. The Trace files can be viewed and edited with standard word processor applications invoked by GUI Commands. Test Results like Counters and Timestamps are stored in Log files in CSV Format. This allows easy processing with standard Spreadsheet applications, e.g. for Test Result Diagrams.

About ikon

ikon GmbH delivers Products and Develop-ment Services with main Focus on Tele-communications. Since its Foundation in 1988 ikon GmbH is a reliable Partner for customer specific Development in the Telecommuni-cation Sector.
Parts of our Product Portfolio are several Protocol Stacks and Software Modules for Technologies like ATM, DECT, ISDN, VoIP, Frame Relay, MPLS, IP-Routing and V5.x.


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