ikon T.30/T.38 Subsystem for Realtime Fax over IP


G3 Facsimile Transmission is a Telecommunication Industry's demand for Public switched Telephone Networks as well as for Packet based IP-Networks. More and more Vendors of VoIP-Gateways offer the opportunity to transmit G3 Facsimile Messages compliant to ITU-T Recommendation T.38, which describes the Procedures for realtime G3 Facsimile Communication over IP. The Usage of T.38 within the H.323 Recommendation is specified e.g. in H.323 Annex D.

Some of the H.323 Protocol Software Implementations available on the Market, support H.323 Annex D. But this Support does usually not include T.30 Fax Call Control, which is necessary for Fax Session Establishment between communicating Partners and for Transmission of G3 Facsimile Messages encapsulated in T.38 Packets.

With the new ikon T30/T.38 Subsystem it is now possible to extend H.323 Annex D supporting Protocol Software with T.30 Call Control Features handling T.38 Realtime Fax Messages, thus reducing Time-to-Market for new Products dramatically. The Software includes a complete T.30 Finite State Machine (FSM) with Conversion of G3 Facsimile Messages compliant to T.4.

The ikon T.30/T.38 Subsystem can be combined with the innovaphone H.323 and SIP Software Protocol Stack to build comprehensive Voice over IP solutions. Due to its modular Design the Software can be used in conjunction with H.323 or SIP Protocol Stacks from other Vendors also. ikon offers Engineering Services for the Integration of the T.30/T.38 Subsystem into these VoIP Stacks.

Key Features

Fax Features

Developer Tools

ikon’s T.30/T.38 Subsystem include Developer Tools to assist developers integrating and porting the software. It includes sample applications, traces and probes. The tools help developers within the debugging process to accelerate integration of the T.30/T.38 software. 

Operating System and processor independent implementation

ikon’s T.30/T.38 Subsystem is designed to be Operating System and Processor independent. The software is designed to work together with real time operating systems (VxWorks, OS-9, Nucleus,etc.) as well as general purpose operating systems (Win 32, Linux, etc.) and proprietary operating systems. 

Target System Requirements

ikon VoIP Portfolio

RTP/RTCP Software
Professional Services

Professional Services

ikon offers Engineering Services to adapt the Protocol Software to customer specific Hardware or Operating Systems, including the development of the necessary Device Drivers, as well as Turnkey Solutions.

About ikon

ikon GmbH delivers Products and Development Services with main Focus on Telecommunications. Since its Foundation in 1988 ikon GmbH is a reliable Partner for customer specific Development in the Telecommunication Sector.

Parts of our Product Portfolio are several Protocol Stacks and Software Modules for Technologies like ATM, DECT, ISDN, VoIP, Frame Relay, MPLS, IP-Routing and V5.x.


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